Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Tell a Story - Strigles

TaS may be over as of last night but my finds are not just yet! Christina Aggelopoulou is 'Strigles'. Featured above right with fellow accessories designer Irini Spinou, she has a bubbly, colourful style in the Brazilian sense.

Vibrant reds, greens and yellows splashed on flat pumps, flip-flops, rings, bracelets, necklaces, you name it.
All designed and handmade by her , decorated with anything from juicy slices of watermelon to her trademark laminated fabrics.

Everything was so special and had such a Summer feel-good vibe, I instantly felt like pina coladas and long walks on the beach. Quite an effect don't you think? 'Strigles' is officially on my hot list!

(Actually, she has been since this interview for Life in Athens back in October - I remember wanting that brooch badly:))


Jessica said...

strigles rule!

strigles said...


Audrey Allure said...

Really cute designs, love the watermelon the shoe!

josie said...

watermelon + shoe = i'm sold already, haha! i love those summer colours.. i'm dying for the sunshine to get in gear and come out! thanks for the comment :)
x x xx

Clara Campelo said...

lovely blog!!

Analisa said...

I love all the red!

Mairyliscious said...

magiko ballarino karpuzo paputso :)p
agapw th photo sou sto big fish!!
welldone honey !!