Sunday, 21 March 2010

AXDW day 1 - Two in A Gondola (+backstage)

How about some backstage action?
The mastermind of 'Two in A Gondola', lovely Elena Pavlou invited me in the "action room" and I thought you might want to check it out! It was not the first time I've been backstage at a show so I knew well that once there, you have to find a little corner out of everybody's way and try to be invisible. Did my best to capture some interesting shots and clips to show you, here they go:
Everybody was working at full power, with the Pansik girls taking care of the dressing process. Elena was giving directions to the models and making sure her clothes are ready to roll and even though that's one very stressful moment for the designer, she took a second to smile for you through my lense (it's in the clip).

Impossible moment
, three minutes before the beginning of the show, someone rushes in and informs the floor manager his car is being towed away! The man must have nerves of steel 'cause he stayed calm and professional and kept placing the models in line. Oh Lord, had it been my car!
And whilst this was going on backstage, on stage the show totally rocked:

All images by my catwalk photography sponsor Patricia Munster.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the two in a gondola clothes so much! Not as much as koudounaris' though!

Thalia said...

i am so sorry i missed this show!!! amazing outfits!
the only thing that i am not worried though is because i know that i am going to see-read all about it here!
big kiss!

ShoppingTherapy said...

backstage photos are soooo intriguing!