Thursday, 25 March 2010

AXDW day 2 - Best Catwalk & Best Trendsetter Awards

The two other new designer awards, Best Catwalk & Best Trendsetter , both went to Εvelina Litina. Apart from physical memorabilia, all awards also correspond to: participation in an international fashion show for Βest Designer, free participation at the next ΑXDW for Best Catwalk and involvement in the next beauty contest for Star Hellas 2010 for Best Trendsetter.

Litina's collection in terms of design and complexity of patterns is more than the work of a "new designer". All the more challenging, the fact that she did both womenswear and menswear. The only typical young-designer-ish choice, is that of "scary/zombie" make-up, which somehow seems to be a fav amongst newcomers.

Best of luck for her future steps, and yes, I'd happily slip into that grey dress, anytime.
(all photos in this post are by Patricia Munster)

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T said...

Oh very cool stuff! I am loving the denim top too.